Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sekas and Co., Stitchworks, Sue Hillis, Workbasket, X's and Oh's

Sekas & Co.
Tea Lovers Heart and Spring Fingertip Towels are new from Sekas & Co. The fingertip towel designs include shamrocks, tulips, hyacinths and Easter eggs.

Tea Lovers Heart

Spring Fingertip Towels

The Stitchworks
New from The Stitchworks are two Welcome charts. Heart of Hearts is a lovely heart design made up of many smaller hearts. Seasonal Welcome is four small welcoming designs, one for each season.

Heart of Hearts

Seasonal Welcome

Stitcher's Days of Christmas
Sue Hillis Designs
There are two new pirate designs and an absolutely gorgeous Christmas chart from Sue Hillis Designs. Tools of the Trade is part of the Charming Collection and comes with three shiny doubloons (gold coins). Love Pirate is a smaller pirate design and is part of the PostStitches series. Stitcher's Days of Christmas covers the 12 days of Christmas from a sticher's viewpoint. The motifs could easily be used in other projects. This one is definitely going on my wish list!

Tools of the Trade

Love Pirate

Val's Stuff
A Helping Hand by Val's Stuff is an adorable chart of a snowman giving a helping hand to a little bird. Gosh, snowmen are really calling my name these days!

The Workbasket
There are five new patterns available from The Workbasket. The Polar Quaker chart has designs for both a penguin and a polar bear. House of Alphabets is a chart of two houses with alphabets built into them. Their Workbasket of Seasons design can be stitched as four separate small baskets or together with the saying. Cat Roundel is an attractive design featuring an unstitched, stylized cat. The last new release is called Angels Sampler.

Polar Quaker

House of Alphabets

Workbasket of Seasons

Cat Roundel

Angels Sampler

X's and Oh's
Rise & Whine, Fat Dog and Invisible Man are some of the latest charts from X's and Oh's that should give you a chuckle.

Rise & Whine

Fat Dog

Invisible Man

Also new from X's and Oh's are I Choose and Worth It.

I Choose

Worth It

I hope that something here has inspired you!

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