Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dragon Dreams, Dracolair, Ink Circles...

Cathy Jean Designs
Kitty Bun Bun is an adorable pattern of a fat cat impersonating the Easter Bunny. This pattern by designer Cathy Jean is available from The Victoria Sampler. Get a head start on your Easter stitching!

Dragon Dreams
Starting today (February 1st), two new designs are available from Jennifer-Aikman Smith of Dragon Dreams. First Dragon Encounter is an adorable little dragon with a princess. A Dragon's Lullaby is a sampler about (what else!) dragons!

First Dragon Encounter
A Dragon's Lullaby

The Gathering Place
Murphy's Stitch Shop is a design from The Gathering Place of stitching related terms and motifs. This chart is perfect for shop owners! If you do own your own shop, The Gathering Place will custom chart your shop name to fit at the top.

By the Bay Needleart
I just blogged about a new design from By the Bay Needleart a short while ago, but Donna is back with another one! This chart is called Little Rose House. As a bonus, a second chart called Little Rose House Sampler is also included.

Carousel Charts
There are more new releases from Carousel Charts as well. Bell Curve Beauty (Curves 2) is another delightful little snowman design. (Gosh, I'm really starting to love snowman patterns!) Also, the Letter 'U' is the next letter to be added to the Uppercase Monogram Pendant Kit series.

Bell Curve Beauty

Uppercase Monogram Pendant Kit

Dracolair Creations
Evening Dreaming is the latest addition to the Days of Dragons series by Dracolair Creations. This is a series of five cross stitch designs. The colors of the dragons are taken from the sky and sun at different times of the day, while the border colors link all five designs together.

Dracolair also has two new Whimsies designs - Thank You and Blossom & Grow.

Thank You

Blossom & Grow

Ink Circles
Friendship Star is a very pretty design in Ink Circles' Celtic Quilts style. Twisted Heart is a small valentine.

Celtic Quilts: Friendship Star

Twisted Heart

I do have more new releases for you, but they will have to wait for another post. Check back soon!

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