Sunday, January 17, 2010

Inspired by the American Civil War

Primrose Needleworks
Out on a Limb is a springtime design that will make you anxious for the season to arrive, if you aren't already!

Out on a Limb
Fibers: CC, DMC
Fabric: 32 ct. Lambswool
Stitch Count: 102W x 78H

By the Bay Needleart
Here's another new design from Donna called Old Brick House. There will be two companion charts to go along with it - a church and a sea captain's house.

Old Brick House

Little House Needleworks
The three new LHN designs for January center around the American Civil War. Which is your favorite?

Rose Hill Plantation
Fibers: CC, DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. Vintage Homespun Linen
by Lakeside Linens
Stitch Count: 137W x 94H

Battle Hymn of the Republic
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. Vintage Buttercream
by Lakeside Linens
Stitch Count: 107W x 171H

Mississippi Riverboat
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. Natural Raw Linen
Stitch Count: 189W x 87H

The third Ornament of the Month is called He's a Flake. He's also adorable!

He's a Flake
Fibers: DMC, CC
Fabric: 30 ct. Dove Linen
by Weeks Dye Works
Embellishments: Beads
Stitch Count: 46W x 52H

Beehive Needleworks

Blue Tulip Sampler
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct. Examplar Linen
by Lakeside Linens
Stitch Count: 86W x 86H

CM Designs
Have a peek at Lucy and her buddy Molly, both new additions to the Little Snowballz series.

Lucy, Little Snowballz

Molly, Little Snowballz
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. Pink Dahlia Jobelan
Stitch Count: 54W x 96H

Tristain Fernfrond is the latest member to join the Fern Folk family.

Tristain Fernfrond, Fern Folk
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. African Daisy Jobelan
Stitch Count: 65W x 109H

The final new design from Carolyn is Frostbite, Fred & Ferdinand.

Frostbite, Fred & Ferdinand
Fibers: DMC, Kreinik
Fabric: Christmas Green Jobelan
Stitch Count: 117W x 72H

Hope that there is something here that you'll enjoy stitching!

Monday, January 11, 2010

At Last! A Blog Post!

Well, I think I've had a long enough holiday! New and wonderful designs don't stop being released just because I'm not blogging about them. So now it's time to play catch-up!

The Sampler Girl
We'll start with The Sampler Girl and her darling Silver Bells Cupboard Cushion, a reproduction of an antique pillow.

Silver Bells Cupboard Cushion
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct. Belgian Linen
Embellishments: Jingle bells

Also new(ish) is the Gone Sledding Souvenir. This design uses some cute little sled accents that are clipped to the corners. Snow Day Pinkeep is an additional pattern that is included as well (not pictured).

Gone Sledding
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct. Belgian Linen
Embellishments: Sled accents
Stitch Count: 107W X 22H

On January 24th, PBS will be showing a production of Jane Austen's Emma. To help celebrate, Tanya has just released Jane Austen & Me ... (the Emma Project). This would be the perfect project to stitch while watching the show!

Jane Austen & Me ... (the Emma Project)
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct. French Vanilla Linen by R&R
Stitch Count: 100W X 134H

Also just released is The Sampler Girl Companion Valentine Booklet. There are 10 endearing patterns within this 11 page booklet, some of which are older TSG designs that are no longer available (until now!), but the booklet also includes 6 new designs.

The Sampler Girl Companion Valentine Booklet

Shepherd's Bush
Moving right along, we have Seek and Ye Shall Find, a 10 count kit from Shepherd's Bush.

Seek and Ye Shall Find
Fabric: 10 ct. Desert Tula
Embellishments: Button
Stitch Count: 40W x 30H

By the Bay Needleart
Tidal River #3 is out and looks amazing! I'm not sure how many more designs there will be in this series.

Tidal River #3
Stitch Count: 136W x 136H

Blackbird Designs
I am very excited to announce the release of the November and December Christmas stockings, which now complete this series. I am a huge fan of these stockings and have made it a goal to stitch them all this year!

Thankful November

Merry December

Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!