Thursday, February 19, 2009

Praiseworthy Stitches, Primitive Traditions, Rosewood Manor, S.P. Ink, Sam Sarah Design Studio

Praiseworthy Stitches
Arguably the most exciting release from Praiseworthy Stitches is A Petit Sampling Etui. This limited edition project was a collaborative effort between Cherished Stitches, Praiseworthy Stitches, The Stitching Parlor and With My Needle. Each outer panel of the etui is a small sampler. These samplers can be assembled into an etui, or they can be stitched and framed individually or together on a single piece of linen. How neat!

In additon to the etui, there are four other new designs from Praiseworthy Stitches. Simple Gifts - Hope is the second of four Quaker-inspired designs. Temptation is the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. A Bunny Garden Needleroll is a limited edition kit that includes a needleroll, pincushion, scissor weight, stitch counter and carrot carrying case. The smallest design is Snow Bunnies, which comes with its own frame.

Simple Gifts - Hope


A Bunny Garden Needleroll

Snow Bunnies

Primitive Traditions
I am just tickled when I see a cross stitch project that I've never seen before. This is the case with Abigail Colby's Work Basket by Primitive Traditions. Included in this chart pack is a group of three designs that form the top, the basket fob and the interior cartouche. There is also a chart pack of six accessories that go along with the work basket - a 3" x 3" Measure, needle pocket, pin log, thread pocket, scissors pocket and biscornu scissors fob. As well, there is an extract sampler called A Cheerful Mind that is a third design element associated with the work basket.

Abigail Colby's Work Basket

Abigail Colby's Work Basket Accessories

A Cheerful Mind
Primitive Traditions has also released two new samplers. Jane Baxter is a reproduction sampler from 1824. With Joy We Greet You is a lovely reproduction of a charming motto that was fished out of a remote corner of an antique mall.

Jane Baxter

With Joy We Greet You

Rosewood Manor Designs
A birth sampler, 10 page booklet and necklace are what's new from Rosewood Manor. Watch Over Me Birth Sampler is a one of a kind sampler that can be made much larger or smaller depending on your preference. Flowers, Plants & Fishes is a 10 page booklet with six bonus charts. Heart Tree Necklace is a fun, two-sided stitched and beaded necklace design.

Watch Over Me Birth Sampler

Flowers, Plants & Fishes

Heart Tree Necklace

S.P. Ink
Birdhouse Garden by S.P. Ink is a chart of a summer garden with bright, beautiful birdhouses.

Sam Sarah Design Studio
Sam Sarah Design Studio has released Three Carrots and Doubles - Hip Hop Ewe. For Three Carrots, you can choose one carrot to stitch or you can stitch all three. Doubles - Hip Hop Ewe adds to the Hip Hop series, this time with a ewe doing the hopping.

Three Carrots

Doubles - Hip Hop Ewe

Keep on stitching!

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