Monday, February 9, 2009

Heaven & Earth, The Sampler Girl, Waxing Moon...

Sweet Peas by Art-Stitch is inspired by a vintage art deco perfume label. It is very feminine and elegant, with sumptuous blooms and gold decorations on a rich blue background.

Dames of the Needle
There are several new designs from Dames of the Needle. The best part is that they all have a practical use. There's a thread holder, evening bag, needle case and thread chatelaine.

Acorn Thread Holder

2009 Stitcher Evening Bag Quaker Style

Ode to Mary

Thread Chatelaine Halloween Style

Heaven and Earth Designs
Since Heaven and Earth Designs always has so many new charts every week, I've only chosen a select few to include here. You can always visit their web site and click on the 'New Charts' link to view more.

Spring Angel

QS Red Hearts

Anima Apprentice

The Good Night Pixie

Silver Snow Fairie

Autumn Splendor

Lynn's Prints
Fresh Water is the latest design from Lynn's Prints/Diane Graebner. Diane is best known for her Amish designs. In this one, a woman is fetching water at the well while in the company of birds and a Canada goose.

Marilynn & Jackie's Collection
Looks like Patterned Trees I is the start of a new series from Marilynn & Jackie's Collection. It's never too early to get into the Christmas spirit!

Midnight Stitching
This pretty bellpull is Quaker Winter's Slumber from Midnight Stitching. This design is the first in a seasonal series, so there's more to look forward to!

The Needle's Notion
Cleaning Day is the third design in the popular days of the week series by The Needle's Notion. Also available are Wash Day and Baking Day.

Pickle Barrel Designs
Wow! Tons of new charts from Pickle Barrel Designs this week. (Thank you, Nashville Market!)

Snow What!

Snow One 2

On the Vineyard

Treasure Island

L'il Spring Fling

The Sampler Girl
Primitive Valentine Cupboard Sampler is a little antique-style souvenir from The Sampler Girl. It was designed to be filled with dried flowers and displayed in a cupboard or hutch.

Waxing Moon Designs
Waxing Moon Designs has three new designs (well, actually four). One Color Wonders: Love has two charts - a swirly heart and the word 'Love' inside of a decorative border. Also new from Waxing Moon is a monthly sampler series. The January and February designs have been released so far.

One Color Wonders: Love

Monthly Sampler: January

Monthly Sampler: February

That's all for today. I'll be back in a couple days with more!

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