Monday, February 2, 2009

Nora Corbett, Plum Street Samplers, Shepherd's Bush, Sue Hillis...

Katidid Designs
Gotta love the Ewes! Luv Ewe and Lucky Ewe are new from Katidid Designs. Lucky Ewe comes with a charm.

Luv Ewe

Lucky Ewe

Linen Flowers
A Dog's Heart is a chart for all you dog lovers out there. It has a Valentine's theme and is brought to us courtesy of Linen Flowers.

Midsummer Night Designs
The latest from Midsummer Night Designs is a charming little sampler called Hearts for Thee. You'd never guess that Valentine's Day was on its way, would you?!?

From the studios of Marc Davis from Needlemania come two designs - Royal Blossoms and Jardin d'Rouge. Royal Blossoms could potentially be the start of a new series from Marc. Jardin d'Rouge is a companion piece to Jardin d'Jour and was designed in collaboration with Diane Jourdan of Sampler Cove Designs.

Royal Blossoms

Jardin d'Rouge

Nora Corbett Designs
Nora Corbett is one of my favorite designers, so I am very excited to announce her latest release! She has added the next three letters to her Letters from Nora series - J, K and L, and they are marvelous!

Pegasus Originals
Nestlenook Farm is a popular country inn and resort near Mount Washington. It is also the subject of a new design from Pegasus Originals, which depicts a "Victorian afternoon" complete with skaters on the Ellis River and a horse drawn sleigh on the bridge.

Plum Street Samplers
A little late for a Christmas chart (or maybe a little early, depending on how you look at it), but nevertheless Plum Street Samplers has released Tannenbaum, a delightful Christmas tree design embellished with buttons. Also new is a pretty sampler called A Handwork's Pace.


A Handwork's Pace

Shepherd's Bush
Be My Valentine is a new pattern from Shepherd's Bush featuring a darling little heart button. Rumor has it that this design may be the start of a series!

The Stitchworks
The newest series from The Stitchworks is Heart Strings. The first design for January has just been released and, as the name suggests, will definitely tug at your heart strings!

Sue Hillis Designs
Loves Me is a design from Sue Hillis with a little attitude. It has a flower charm with a petal missing that says "loves me" on one side and "loves me not" on the other.

Also new from Sue is a leaflet titled Here's My Heart. There are four designs in the leaflet and no-sew finishing instructions are included.

Loves Me

Here's My Heart

Well, I'd better get out of here. I think carpal tunnel may be setting in!

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