Monday, February 16, 2009

Imaginating, JBW Designs, Jeannette Douglas Designs, Kappie Originals

Oh gosh! I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. So many great designs coming out that I can't keep up, but I'm going to try!

There are four new releases from Imaginating. House Blessing is one of several designs in a series that reminds us of our true blessings. Spring Cottage is also part of a series and has an inspirational verse about appreciating each day. Birdhouse Welcome is a colorful design to welcome visitors to your home. Welcome Kittens is another welcome sign, this one with playful kittens.

House Blessing

Spring Cottage

Birdhouse Welcome

Welcome Kittens

JBW Designs
Love the look of French Country? Then you'll love these new one's from JBW Designs.

French Country Baby Carriage

French Country Bistro

French Country Hen

French Country Monogram Collection

For the shoe shopaholics out there, this one's for you -

The Shoe Shopper

And finally, here are a couple of very merry seasonal designs -

A Very Merry Spring

A Very Merry Winter

Jeannette Douglas Designs
Jeannette Douglas Designs has several new biscornu and scissor fob designs. There's Pineapple Biscornu & Scissor Fob, Prickly Pear Seed Scissors Fob, and Tiny Christmas Biscornu.

Pineapple Biscornu & Scissor Fob

Prickly Pear Seed Scissors Fob

Tiny Christmas Biscornu

As an extra treat, there are two other new designs - Pineapple Stitches and Take Time To Read.

Pineapple Stitches

Take Time to Read

Kappie Originals
I hadn't heard of Kappie Originals before. Nevertheless, here are some lovely new designs by them -

Bubble Bath

Girlish Past Times




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