Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ink Circles, Jeannette Douglas Designs, Stickideen von der Wiehenburg, Amy Bruecken Designs

Ink Circles
Each of the red symbols in the new design Nine Lives is a different way to write the character for "long life" in Chinese calligraphy.

Nine Lives
Fibers: Carrie's Creation Thread
Fabric: 32 ct. Attic Lace Linen
by Lakeside Linens
Stitch Count: 121W x 121H
Finished Size: 7 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Jeannette Douglas Designs
The next chapter of My Stitching Album has just been released. It is Chapter 5 - Crossed Caper. The stitching tool for this chapter is a Kelmscott ruler.

Crossed Caper
Fibers: Gloriana Luminescence

Stickideen von der Wiehenburg
Stickideen von der Wiehenburg is a German designer who has just released six Zodiac Quakers. There are four different ways to customize the middle motif. You can stitch one of the two zodiac signs in the chart's title, personalizing initials/dates, or an alternate non-zodiac motif. I've only shown pictures of one of the motifs. To see the other's, please go here.

Stitch Count: 151W x 151H

Stitch Count: 151W x 151H

Stitch Count: 151W x 151H

Stitch Count: 151W x 151H

Stitch Count: 151W x 151H

Stitch Count: 151W x 151H

Amy Bruecken Designs

Fibers: DMC, Weeks Dye Works
Fabric: 28 ct. Rainforest Linen
by Crossed Wing Collection
Stitch Count: 48W x 79H

Fibers: DMC, Weeks Dye Works,
Gentle Art Sampler Threads
Fabric: 30 ct. Peoria Purple Linen
by Weeks Dye Works
Stitch Count: 30W x 101H

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Annie Beez Folk Art, Cross Eyed Kat, Plum Street Samplers, Willow Hill

Annie Beez Folk Art

Our Love
Fibers: AVAS silks
Fabric: 32 ct. Antique White
Belfast Linen
Stitch Count: 93W x 124H

Be Ye Kind and True
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct. Country
French Cafe Mocha Linen
Stitch Count: 85W x 78H

Page 3 of the Briar Rose story is now out. Notice that she has pricked her finger on a needle and not on a spindle?!?

Briar Rose - Page 3

There are also three new Advent Ornaments to add to your collection - Nutcracker, Jingle Bells and St. Nicholas Day.


Jingle Bells

St. Nicholas Day

In conjunction with this year's Stitching for Literacy campaign, Cross Eyed Kat has released a set of bookmarks.

Fabric: Clay Jobelan (sword),
linen banding (Celtic knots)

Hares' Spring
Fibers: Gentle Art Sampler Threads
Fabric: 36 ct. Buttercream linen
by Lakeside Linens

Hares' Summer
Fibers: Gentle Art Sampler Threads
Fabric: 36 ct. Buttercream linen
by Lakeside Linens

Rubie Owl's Sampler
Fibers: Belle Soie, Needlepoint Silk
Fabric: 36 ct. Vintage Autumn Gold
Stitch Count: 180W x 172H

Bird in the Bower
Fibers: Needlepoint Silk
Stitch Count: 175W x 136H

Snow White Sampler
Fibers: Gentle Art, Crescent Colours
Fabric: 36 ct. Legacy Edinburgh linen
by Picture This Plus
Finished Size: 14 1/8" x 14 1/8"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cross-Eyed Cricket, Heartstring Primitives, Kit and Bixby, Midsummer Night Designs

Cross-Eyed Cricket
Wilde Rabbits contains two rabbit designs, Oscar's Rabbit and Truffles.

Wilde Rabbits
Fibers: DMC, Thread Gatherer Sheep's Silk (Oscar's)
Fabric: 30 ct. Morning Fog linen (Oscar's),
30 ct. Antique Hydrangea linen (Truffles)
Embellishments: Two white folk art heart buttons by JABC (Oscar's),
seed beads & white dogwood button by JABC (Truffles)
Stitch Count: 99W x 114H (Oscar's),
93W x 84H (Truffles)

Carrot Cake also has two charts. They are the self-titled Carrot Cake and Carrot 2009.

Carrot Cake
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 30 ct. Hush-a-bye Peach linen (Carrot Cake),
30 ct. Morning Fog linen (Carrot 2009)
Embellishments: Tiny white flower button
by JABC (Carrot 2009)
Stitch Count: 69W X 97H (Carrot Cake),
27W X 128H (Carrot 2009)

Next up is Apron Strings, which has patterns for Aprons, Little Flowers and Strawberry.

Apron Strings
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 30 ct. French Vanilla linen (Aprons),
30 ct. White Northern Cross linen (Little Flowers),
30 ct. Morning Fog linen (Strawberry)
Stitch Count: 218W X 93H (Aprons),
37W X 37H (Little Flowers & Strawberry)

The last of the four new designs is French Pantry, which comes with Kitchen Garden, French Garden, Cherries and Berries.

French Pantry
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 30 ct. Hush-a-bye Yellow linen(Kitchen Garden),
30 ct. Antique Hydrangea linen (French Garden),
30 ct. Glen Ellyn linen (Cherries & Berries)
Stitch Count: 86W X 86H (Kitchen Garden),
150W X 116H (French Garden),
31W X 34H (Cherries & Berries)

Heartstring Primitives

My Home is Built in Glory
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. evenweave linen
Stitch Count: 220W x 200H
Finished Size: 15"W x 13"H

Kit & Bixby

Mrs. McKenna's Farm

Midsummer Night Designs

Sheep's Paradise
Fibers: Crescent Colours,
Gentle Art Sampler Thread, DMC
Fabric: 40 ct. Sandstone
Stitch Count: 124W x 107H

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mirabilia, Blackbird Designs, Just Nan, Barbara Ana...

I've always been a fan of Mirabilia, so I'm happy to announce that a new design called Circle of Friends has just been released.

Circle of Friends
Fabric: 32 ct. Coffee Bean Linen
Fibers: DMC, Kreinik
Embellishments: Mill Hill beads
Stitch Count: 146W x 238H
Finished Size: 9.13"W x 14.88"H

Blackbird Designs
I am in love with the stockings series by Blackbird Designs. I already have the January, February and March stockings, and now April Showers has just come out. Each booklet features patterns for three mini stockings.

April Showers, monthly stocking series
Fabric: Old Mill Java,
Korty's Special Blend by R & R
Fibers: Crescent Colours
Finished Size: 3"W x 5"H

Just Nan
Anniversary Biscornu is a limited edition design that was designed exclusively for Country Crafts in Colorado to celebrate 25 years in business. Numbers are included for personalization.

Anniversary Biscornu
Fabric: 28 ct. Opalescent Rainbow Cashel Linen
Fibers: DMC

Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks is a designer that I haven't blogged about before. There are five designs in three different collections that have just been released. New to the Fantasie Collection are Leggenda, Albero Delle Fiabe and After the Snow.

Stitch Count: 199W x 199H

Albero Delle Fiabe
Stitch Count: 163W x 168H

After the Snow
Stitch Count: 177W x 127H

The Colours Collection are designs that represent different colours. Little White is the latest colour to be added to the collection.

Little White
Stitch Count: 114W x 114H

Falco is the final new chart and it is part of the Friends Collection.

Stitch Count: 62W x 87H

Barbara Ana Designs

Ofelia Buttoneye
Fabric: 32 ct. Natural Linen
by MCG Textiles
Fibers: DMC
Stitch Count: 69W x 84H
Finished Size: 4.3"W x 5.2"H

Fabric: 32 ct. Dirty Linen
by Zweigart
Fibers: DMC
Stitch Count: 68W x 68H
Finished Size: 4.3"W x 4.3"H

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Friday, April 17, 2009

New from Little House, Bent Creek, CM Designs, Country Garden Stitchery...

Little House Needleworks

Alphabet Rhyme
Fabric: 28 ct. Vintage Exampler Linen
by Lakeside Linens
Fibers: Crescent Colours

Bee Sampler
Fabric: 28 ct. Pear Linen
by Lakeside Linens
Fibers: Crescent Colours, DMC

Soft and Sweet is the second pattern in the Little Women - Virtue series. The design can be personalized with the alphabet provided.

Soft and Sweet,
Little Women - Virtue series
Fabric: 28 count Natural Pearl
or Natural Raw Linen
Fibers: Crescent Colours
Stitch Count: 75W x 75H

Bent Creek
So Happy is new from Bent Creek and includes a smaller design called Spring Hope.

So Happy
Fabric: 32 ct. Linen (So Happy),
18 ct. Linen (Spring Hope)
Fibers: Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works, DMC
Embellishments: Buttons included
Stitch Count: 65W x 113H (So Happy),
36W x 34H (Spring Hope)

Together - The BurRow is offered as a complete kit and would look great displayed in a grouping with So Happy and Spring Hope.

Together - The BurRow
Fabric: 32 ct. Linen
Fibers: Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works, DMC
Embellishments: Buttons included
Stitch Count: 120W x 36H

The Black Sheep is the next Ewe kit from Bent Creek.

The Black Sheep
Fabric: 25 ct. Natural Linen
Fibers: Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works, DMC
Stitch Count: 53W x 54H

Finally, we have Uber Egg. This really big egg is stitched with different bands of patterns, with one band embellished with pastel buttons.

Uber Egg
Fabric: 18 ct. Linen
Fibers: Crescent Colours, Weeks Dye Works
Embellishments: Buttons included
Stitch Count: 98W x 121H

Hope is a primitive pinkeep and scissor fob. The pattern comes with an alphabet to personalize your fob.

Hope Pinkeep and Scissor Fob
Fabric: 32 ct. Lambswool Linen
Stitch Count: 74W x 38H (pinkeep)
Finished Size: 5 1/2"W x 3 1/2"H (pinkeep)

CM Designs

Oopsie!!, Flakey Friends series
Fabric: 28 ct. Sandcastle Jobelan
Fibers: Kreinik, DMC
Stitch Count: 139W x 82H

Country Garden Stitchery

Coneflower Graphic
Fabric: 28 ct. Country French Mocha Linen
Fibers: Weeks Dye Works
Stitch Count: 51W x 79H

Just Another Button Company
The latest addition to the Cup 'O Tea series is June Cup O' Tea. The charts in this series are usually free with the purchase of the buttons.

June Cup O' Tea, Cup O' Tea series
Fabric: 30 ct. Parchment by Weeks Dye Works
Fibers: Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works

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