Monday, January 26, 2009

Carousel Charts, Sam Sarah Design Studio, X's and Oh's

Carousel Charts
Hearts & Valentines is the latest design to be added to the pendant jewelry kits from Carousel Charts. If you like this one, be sure to have a look at their other jewelry themes.

Sam Sarah Design Studio
Sam Sarah Design Studio adds to its Alphabet Baubles and Pearls series this month. D is for Dog is the next chart in Alphabet Baubles and First Day of Spring is the latest release in the Pearls line.

D is for Dog

First Day of Spring

Also new this month are Seize Mortals and My Sampler. These two samplers look like they could be stitched and up on your wall in no time!

Seize Mortals

My Sampler

X's and Oh's
The latest from X's and Oh's are Alpha Dogs A-D and Tic Tac Snow. Alpha Dogs is the first chart in an adorable dog alphabet series featuring breeds that start with a particular letter. Tic Tac Snow is a cute little design of snowmen and stars playing in a friendly game of tic tac toe.

Alpha Dogs A-D
Tic Tac Snow

Have fun adding to your stash! (I'm such an enabler.)

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