Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Halloween, More Christmas and More Fun!

If you haven't gotten your Halloween fix yet, here are seven more spooky designs for you. I'm sure that at least one will tickle your fancy!

Black Cats and Bats
Stitch Count: 101W X 55H

Mr. Bone Jangles
Stitch Count: 130W X 114H

Boo Gang
Stitch Count: 66W X 80H

Spooky Pair
Stitch Count: 66W X 64H

Halloween Fun
Stitch Count: 64W X 81H

Simply Boo
Stitch Count: 70W X 60H

Halloween Sampler
Stitch Count: 119W x 72H

Midsummer Night Designs
Or perhaps you have moved on and are already looking forward to Christmas. Starting with some Christmas Cheer may be a good idea!

Christmas Cheer
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 40 ct. Natural Linen
Stitch Count: 103W x 179H

Heartstring Primitives
Joy to the World (3 Little Christmas Samplers) is a Christmas booklet that includes (you guessed it!) three designs. Each design contains an excerpt from the lyrics of the Christmas carol of the same name.

Joy To The World
Fabric: 28 ct. Linen, 35 ct. Linen by WDW
Stitch Count: 81W x 81H (Let Every Heart),
49W x 61H (Heav'n and Nature Sing),
76W x 110H (Joy to the World)

Country Cottage Needleworks
If you're not looking to stitch anything that is tied to a holiday, then Pie Menu or Spring Social might be the ticket!

Pie Menu
Fibers: DMC, CC, WDW, GA
Fabric: 28 ct. Lentil Linen by Lakeside Linens
Stitch Count: 74W x 166H

Spring Social is the next series of seasonally inspired thread packs. Each thread pack comes with the chart and threads. The first of five charts will be available starting in November.

Spring Social
Fibers: Belle Soie silk
Fabric: 28 ct. Lambswool Linen
Stitch Count: 239W x 90H

Happy stitching!

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